Tilda Website Builder Overview & Reviews

Tilda website builder allows anyone to create websites and online stores without code.
The platform creators came up with a new way of designing websites—building web pages out of pre-designed blocks. You don't need to be a developer or a professional designer. You cannot go wrong with Tilda. As a result, your website will look great and offer value from day one.

In this overview you will discover the platform's features and web design possibilities; find out what Tilda users say about the platform; see examples of websites and online stores made on Tilda and, finally, find the right subscription plan for you.

Tilda Website Builder Key Features

A 2-minute video showing how to create a website with the Tilda website builder without code

Creating websites out of blocks

Building a website is like building a house, one floor at a time: You start with a cover page, followed by a project description, then images, client reviews, and contacts. On Tilda, each floor is a block (or a section). Pre-designed blocks are divided into categories in the Block Library on the left.
Tilda Block Library
All blocks are created by professional designers paying special attention to typography and harmonious composition of elements. You don't need to spend time deciding where to position website elements. Simply use our ready-made solutions and enjoy professional-grade web pages. Our collection counts 550+ blocks, and we are constantly adding new ones.

Block Library

A variety of hero sections include a selection of design elements: Headlines, buttons, text boxes, countdown timers, background images, and videos, etc.
Text box
Pre-designed options for designing text copy, headings, columns, pull quotes, direct speech, or key phrases.
Use these blocks to show visual content such as images, illustrations, and graphs.
Create convenient website navigation. Choose from menus with logos and items, hamburger menus, fixed menuse on scroll, and more.
Form & Button
Design elements for collecting customer data such as emails or phone numbers, and social media buttons.
Tile and Link
Beautifully presented blocks that look like cards and include links to other pages.
A mix of images, texts, and icons to provide detailed descriptions of your products or services.
Add timelines, tiles, and columns to present information in a sequence.
Showcase your fees and pricing plans as tiles or tables.
Blocks for introducing people. For example, employees who work in your company.
Collect and present your customers' feedback to help you find new clients.
Add YouTube or Vimeo videos and combine them with other design elements.
Numbering, separators, a smooth change of background color, and additional indents.
Enjoy this selection of tools for building an online store: Product cards, shopping cart, widgets for payment systems, and integration with Ecwid.
Insert the HTML code, anchor links, a scroll or page load indicator, a typewriter effect for headings, and even a snowfall effect for Christmas-themed pages.
Once you've selected the blocks you need, simply add your own text and images. Edit content with one click or by clicking the Content tab.

Each block has a dedicated set of settings, which allows you to create a unique website. For example, you can change the color of the filter or animate the title. Or set the number of tiles you need in blocks from the "Tile and Link" category.
Cover settings on Tilda (block CR04)
Blocks can be duplicated, rearranged, or moved to any place on any page of the website. Use the control buttons that appear in the top left corner when you hover over the block.
To quickly replace a block with another one, click on the block's number in the top left corner. A full list of blocks from the same category appears in the drop-down menu. Switch between them and see previews until you settle on the one you want.

Ready-made templates for a quick start

With Tilda, you don't have to build a website from scratch. Use our ready-made templates created by professional designers with a specific industry in mind: Yoga studio, consultant's personal profile, conference, or educational webinar.

Templates are built with clear logic, properly set margins, and color harmony. If you have never worked on a website before, these templates will help you learn how to structure your page so that you will soon understand which design elements you should add or exclude for the best result.
You can mix and match templates and personalize them by adding new blocks, removing unnecessary ones, or changing the order of sections. Templates are examples of good design that you can use to create something of your own.
You can create custom templates. This feature comes in handy if your website contains many similar pages or you work in a team so you can share these templates with other users.
If you start a corporate blog in Tilda, you can save a blog post template and reuse it later. No need to start working on a new post layout from scratch every time.

Online forms: Integrations with 25+ data collection services

Add a data capture form to your website if you'd like to automate the process of receiving orders, allow visitors to make online bookings, or simply want to conduct a survey, or receive feedback.
Block Library in Tilda
Each online form can include an unlimited number of fields such as drop-down lists and checkboxes, one or multiple-choice options (also using images), select dates on a calendar, add comments, and send files. To increase conversion, turn it into a step-by-step quiz form.

Here is an example of a step-by-step questionnaire. Click below to see how it works:
Take this quiz and find the best choice for your next vacation
Fill out the form and we will contact you soon.
What kind of vacation do you prefer?
How long are you going to be on vacation?
You will be able to view all your data on Tilda as all responses are saved in your personal account in the Leads section. Alternatively, you can connect your favorite data capture service(s).

Forms are integrated with the following popular data collection services:
  • email and Google Sheets
  • email marketing services: UniSender, MailChimp, Sendgrid, Sendinblue, Mailerlite
  • CRM: Hubspot, ZohoCRM, Salesforce, Monday.com, Notion, Trello, Zapier, AmoCRM, Pipedrive
  • messengers: Telegram, Slack

If you need to create a new page with a form, choose a desired template in the Forms category.

Online store and payment services

Create an online store with product cards or simply receive online payments for a webinar or workshop.
Here are some of the payment systems you can connect in Site Settings:
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • LiqPay
  • PayAnyWay
  • Cloudpayments
  • WayForPay
  • bePaid
  • Fondy
  • Payform

Connect several payment systems at once so your customers can choose their preferred payment method. Some systems such as Cloudpayments support both Apple Pay and Google Pay when a customer uses their smartphone for a transaction. See Tilda pricing plans comparison.
After placing an order or completing a purchase customers automatically receive an email notification. All leads collected inside your Tilda account can be saved to your email inbox, Google Sheets, or a CRM system.

Adaptive design for mobile devices

All websites created on Tilda are adaptive for mobile by default so you don't need to do anything else. Tilda automatically creates adaptive designs for your websites. Blocks adapt to any page size and are displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets.
Your website will be as user-friendly on a mobile phone as it is on a desktop
Additionally, you can add a click-to-call phone number or special extensions that launch a call or a messenger chat on click.

These features not only make the website look more attractive but also boost its SEO: Google likes such pages and ranks them higher so they are better indexed in the search results.

Create unique designs using Zero Block

If you have an idea that cannot be fully realized with standard solutions, design a custom block in a built-in web design editor.

Zero Block is similar to popular design tools when it comes to features and opportunities. However, unlike other graphic design software, you can publish your finished design online, and it will be functional right away.
Zero Block interface
Zero Block design editor has no limitations: Position design elements anywhere, make the block as long as you like, and fill it with as many elements as you like.

Add and edit texts, images, shapes (rectangle, circle, line), buttons, online forms, videos, tooltips, or the HTML code. Combine or position them across different layers.

Another option is to convert a pre-designed block into Zero Block and tweak its current design.
This landing page describing the features of the editor was made using only Zero Blocks

Basic and advanced animation

Tilda supports 4 types of animation:

1. Basic animation in standard blocks
Standard blocks allow you to customize the appearance of elements on the page and make the website more interactive and lively. It could be a headline on the Home Page, an image in the About Us section, or a map in the Contacts. There are 6 pre-designed effects:

  • Fade In
  • Fade In Left
  • Fade In Right
  • Fade In Up
  • Fade In Down
  • Zoom In

2. Advanced basic animation in Zero Block
In addition to the fade-in effect, you can set duration, distance, delay, or triggers. You can also set up parallax on scroll and on mouse move, and fix elements on scroll.

3. Step-by-Step Animation in Zero Block
This tool sets the trajectory of elements. It allows you to implement complex behavior for elements on the page and add maximum interactivity.
4. Animated blocks in the Block Library
There are some blocks that allow you to flexibly configure animation effects within them such as:
  • Typewriter effect (T635)
  • Galaxy effect for cover pages (T826)
  • Animated slideshow for covers (T833)
Here's an example of a slideshow effect on a cover page:
We organize dream holidays to breathtaking places all over the world. Choose from our special destinations or suggest your own

Newsletter builder and integrated email marketing services

You can create email campaigns on Tilda. Similar to building a website with pre-designed blocks, you can create a newsletter using a template. Simply add your content and impress your customers with a beautiful email campaign.
Creating an email campaign. Learn more about email campaigns
Newsletter layout automatically scales to fit various devices, so no need to adapt it to mobile screens. Send your newsletter directly from Tilda using integrated services:

  • MailChimp
  • UniSender
  • SendGrid

You can also send your marketing campaign using any other service by simply copying the HTML code of your emails.

Connecting custom domain name

Tilda allows you to connect your own domain name. A unique, personalized domain name makes it easier for users to find you. To set up a custom domain name, go to Site Settings → Domain, and set your domain name. You'll find the guide link with all the necessary details for connecting your domain name—such as mysite.com type—to the Tilda website.

If you don't have a custom domain, you can use a free URL that looks like mysite.tilda.ws

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing

Tilda has all the tools to help you optimize your website and get top rankings on search engines.
Websites designed on Tilda are automatically indexed well by search engines thanks to the consecutive positioning of blocks on the page
Here are some additional steps you can take to boost your website's SEO.

1. Add meta tags. Fill in the Page Title and Page Description fields in the Page Settings—these texts will appear in search results.

2. Add header tags. When structuring your website, headers should be tagged according to your website hierarchy—H1, H2, or H3. This will help search engines understand what your website is about and show your website in relevant searches.

3. Use simple URLs. Set a unique URL for each page and keep it simple and easy to read for people and index it for robots.

4. Add your website to Google Search. Test your website to discover the search engines' recommendations regarding errors affecting the indexing of your website.

5. Upload a Favicon. Add a small iconic image representing your website or page before the title of the page to help users identify it quickly in browser tabs.

6. Check for errors using the Tilda SEO Assistant. The panel will show SEO tips for each page. For example, it will inform you if you didn't set an H1 tag or failed to write a description for each page or fill in the page URL. This way you can easily and quickly make the required changes.
Tilda SEO Assistant checks the website and shows tips on how to fix errors affecting your SEO
Promoting your website on social media

Add blocks from the Social Media category to allow your visitors easily share your website on social media. If you are actively building a community around your project on a Facebook page, for example, and want to bring more people there, add a block with a link to your social media account and help visitors get in touch with you there in one click.

Invite website visitors to sign up for your Facebook page by adding a block SM40 with a pop-up Facebook plugin.
You can customize how your website appears when shared on social media. In Page Settings, Social media tab, you can add an image, title, and description specifically for social (they won't coincide with the one you use for search engines). Here you can see and modify the social media snippet, in other words, how the page will be displayed on social when its URL is shared. Also, under SEO, you can see and adjust the way your page is displayed in search results.
Social media snippet preview in Page Settings

Built-in statistics and analytics

Tilda comes with built-it statistics that help you track your website's performance:

  • Sessions
  • Pageviews
  • Traffic source
  • Top pages
  • Mobile views
  • Leads
  • Conversion rate
  • Average session duration
  • UTM detailed stats
  • Scroll depth
  • Top countries and cities

You can see the stats for the entire website or a single page in your project.
Tilda's built-in analytics
To track more advanced data, you can enable integrated services such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Simply add your account to the Site Settings.

Code export and API

When exporting a website, you will get a link to download your archive that will contain a static HTML and all other files (images, CSS, JS). Unzip your file and copy it to your server. There is no need to do anything else, the code is ready and it works independently from Tilda.

API helps you to set up automatic code downloads and updates on your main website. When it comes to API, you may need to involve developers. However, if you're managing a WordPress website, make life easier by using the Tilda WorPress plugin.

DDoS protection, fast content delivery (CDN), HTTPS

All websites created on Tilda are protected from DDoS attacks with special equipment by default.

High page load speed is guaranteed by the content delivery and distribution network (CDN) where images are stored. This reduces load time from anywhere in the world thanks to geographically distributed servers.

To make your desktop and mobile websites load faster, Tilda uses Lazy Load, a default custom plugin for image loading. Images are loaded sequentially as visitors scroll the website rather than all at once.
A free SSL certificate helps set up encryption protocol for data transmission (HTTPS) and is available in your Tilda account
Tilda is a complex distributed system, hence there is no single place where all of the platform’s resources are concentrated at once. The main points of presence include Germany and the USA.

Website Design

When designing a website, focus on content because we have taken care of delivery. Tilda has all the tools to help you from eye-catching quotes to interactive galleries.

Typography: Advanced tools to design text

Website copy helps you talk to your audience or people who may be interested in your message directly. Tilda blocks' design makes reading very comfortable.

1. Customizing typeface: Size, line spacing, color, alignment
Tilda's pre-designed blocks are created with a lot of attention to the perfect line length, font size, and alignment for a professional look. You can always change fonts in Site Settings.

2. Visual hierarchy
Each text block has a role on the page. Headings and subheadings help build a clear hierarchy on your website by clearly separating key messages from secondary ones. FAQs create a feeling of conversation and memorable quotes attract attention to important messages.
Proportional headlines and subheading layout makes a message clear
3. A large selection of great fonts
Tilda's built-in font collection offers 20+ high-quality fonts, including Tilda Sans, Kazimir, etc. (free for Tilda users)

Also, you can use any typeface from Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts, upload your own font files in 9 styles, use variable fonts, and upload WOFF2 font files to speed up font delivery.
Selecting fonts for the website in Tilda Site Settings

Visual content: Fullscreen hero sections, galleries, videos, and GIFs

Images make a story complete. They add visual clarity and create the right look and feel for your website. Tilda offers a number of tools to help you present your photography online depending on the role you attribute to images or illustrations on your website.

1. Striking photography delivery
Combine images, interactive galleries, and image positioning relative to the text—Tilda designers have already thought this through. All you need to do is upload your unique photos or illustrations.

Tilda galleries also support videos.
2. Searching for free imagery on Tilda
When preparing content for a website, it's not always possible to order a photoshoot or draw illustrations from scratch. That's why Tilda made it easier to find the right images for your website without leaving the editor. To use to the Image Library, click the "Search the Library" link or the magnifying glass icon near any image upload section.

You'll see a vast selection of resources offering free and paid imagery such as photographs, illustrations, illustration builders, vectors, etc. that can be used for Tilda projects both for personal and commercial purposes.
Image resources on Tilda
3. Free Tilda Icons for any business
A large free Tilda Icons library with dozens of icon sets is available in the image search in the Editor. Tilda designers created 700+ icons focusing on the needs of our users in various industries so they are suitable for many types of businesses.

Also, you can check out icons from the Linea.io tab.
Free Tilda Icons collection
Tilda Icons free library
4. Connecting your Instagram account
You can add your Instagram images to the website in two ways:
1. Add block SM403 with an auto-updated Instagram feed from the "Social Media" category
2. Connect Instagram in the image library of the image block and select images manually

In the first case, the feed on the website will update automatically as soon as a new photo appears on Instagram.

Example of a connected Instagram feed @tilda.cc
5. Built-in image editor
Tilda has a built-in image editor that allows you to rotate or crop your image, apply a filter, add a frame, and adjust sharpness. It has all the basic tools you need to quickly modify your images.
Editing process in Tilda's in-built image editor
6. Adding video content
All Tilda-made websites support multimedia content. In order to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, simply add a video ID or URL in any block from the "Video" category.

Tilda has pre-designed block sets for creating impressive video compositions. You can, for instance, add two players for watching YouTube videos, as well as text and video player combinations and video pop-ups. You may also add videos to image galleries.
Embed a YouTube video on the cover of your website. In block settings, choose one of the following options: Loop, sound on/off, or auto-resizing. If you choose a cover with a Play button, the video will only start on click.

Websites You Can Create On Tilda

Tilda is great for any type of online project. It's equally easy to make business websites, landing pages, online stores, personal brand websites, portfolios, online courses, editorials, or longreads.

Business or company website

Ceramic 3D printing service Kwambio
Use your website to describe what you do, what kind of products or services you offer, and what makes your company stand out. Complement the copy with images, customer reviews, and an online form.

With Tilda, you can create not just a landing page but a comprehensive resource for business storytelling that builds trust and converts website visitors into clients.

Landing page

Tilda-made landing page Veer Earplugs
An example of an animated landing page made on Tilda for Bored games club
Use landing pages to promote and inform people about your services and events. Tilda allows you to add CTA buttons to your landing page, use online forms to collect potential clients' email addresses and phone numbers, and analyze website statistics.

Event promo page

Promo page for the annual tech conference Emerge
Anyone who organizes events–entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business coaches–can use Tilda to set up promotional pages for their conferences, round tables, festivals, etc. On Tilda, you can find numerous pre-designed templates and blocks that are perfect for event marketing, as well as a big selection of data capture forms and all the necessary tools to accept payments online from anywhere in the world. With this, you can create quickly a fully-fledged easy-to-edit website to accept payments, track user behavior, and convert visitors into leads.

Online store

Online store Ecowood
Online store Momset
Use Tilda to create an online store. On Tilda, products are displayed on beautifully designed interactive product cards complete with images, buttons, and labels for highlighting specific products.

Customers can choose from different product variants, add items to the shopping cart, select a delivery method, and choose a payment option: Pay online, on delivery, or using a bank transfer. A confirmation email is sent to the client after they place their order, and the vendor gets notified of the transaction at the same time.

Personal website or portfolio

Illustrator Julia Zass's portfolio website
Publish your works and promote your personal projects and creative businesses on Tilda. Budding professionals can use the platform to create a stunning portfolio or CV that will set them apart from other candidates.

Corporate blog, long read, and editorial

The Hoopstery store blog
Business owners, publishers, and newsrooms use Tilda to create stunning blogs, features, and special projects. Think of a glossy magazine published online. Use the article grid, fullscreen galleries, covers, eye-catching frames, and captioned images to showcase your visual content in the best way.

Online Presentation

This feature is especially useful for project managers, teachers, speakers, and students. Any web page made on Tilda can be transformed into a presentation. To divide a page into slides and switch between pages using buttons, use block T203 from the "Other" category in the Block Library, and it will automatically convert a page into a presentation. The presentation will be accessible via the URL. On top of that, you can also convert it into a PDF document.

Tilda Website Examples

Entrepreneurs and large companies alike are building websites on Tilda. No matter your goal, Tilda should be right for you. Use it to create an MVP or a landing page to test your idea or to promote a job offer page and find candidates faster, sell handmade products, invite people to a conference, or build a one-off special project for an advertiser. Your imagination is your oyster!
All you need is an idea and a passion for what you are doing. Tilda will help you turn your vision into reality
Find more examples of websites made on Tilda in the #madeontilda gallery

Customer Reviews

Here's what Tilda users say about the platform:

  • You don't need to hire a designer: "We were able to design our own websites without using programmers or professional designers. It was as if we found a new superpower."
  • Flexibility: "A powerful tool for professionals that allows you to create unique websites".
  • Creating websites is super fast: "You will forget the times when you used to spend a couple of weeks creating a landing page."
  • Easy for non-designers thanks to ready-made blocks: "You can't go wrong even if you are not a professional designer."
  • Intuitive interface: "It took me a couple of hours to figure it out."
  • New features added on a regular basis: "Tilda is constantly improving."
  • Easy to integrate: "Tilda has integrations with the top marketing and analytics tools."
  • Reasonable price: "The builder is simple and attractive, any crazy idea can become a reality, plus you don't have to pay a lot for it."
  • Simple maintenance: "Customers can manage the content of the website on their own."
  • Read what our high-profile clients say about us
  • In Tilda Success Stories, creators and entrepreneurs around the world share how the platform is helping them to reach their creative and business objectives

Customer Support And Education

Tilda's Help Center offers detailed step-by-step guides on creating anything on Tilda. You will find video guides to the platform's main features, answers to frequently asked questions, useful links, and tutorials taking you through the process of creating all types of websites. The information is presented in a very accessible way so you will easily tackle any issue with your website. Also, you can read Tilda's Help Center in 8 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, and Japanese.

If you can't find the answer in the Help Center, contact our customer support using a question mark widget in the lower right corner of your Tilda personal account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create it for free or email our support at team@tilda.cc.
We stream regular free webinars to help you learn how Tilda works, provide design advice for your websites, and share some expert tips on creating and promoting your website.
All Tilda webinar recordings are available for free
Tilda gives you extra learning into the fields of web design and marketing. Choose from one of these online courses (more to come):

Make a simple and beautiful website with our collection of key blocks

1 website
Free forever
Create a website
Full access to the Block Library, custom domain, and much more
1 website
  • $10/month
  • with annual subscription
Create a website
All the Personal Plan features, 5 websites, and code export
5 websites
  • $20/month
  • with annual subscription
Create a website

Tilda Pricing Plans

Our pricing policy is very simple. You can choose from these 3 pricing plans:

  • Free.
  • Personal. All the features, except for the code export.
  • Business. Create 5 and more websites and get an option to export code.


  • Cost: $0 forever
  • Number of websites: 1
  • Number of pages you can create: 50
  • Features: All templates and key blocks, including the Zero Block web design editor
  • Trial period: not required

When you sign up, you can opt for a free domain — mywebsite.tilda.ws. All such websites are indexed by search engines just like the ones with custom domains.
Tilda Free Plan is unlimited: It's free forever
Tilda Free Plan is perfect if you are planning to build a simple website for a personal use, such as a simple online presentation, portfolio, or blog. It can also be a nice option if you'd like to test an idea without spending too much time or money.

Tilda Personal. A perfect solution for 1 website or online store

  • Cost: $10 per month with an annual subscription, $15 per month with a monthly subscription
  • Number of websites: 1
  • Number of pages you can create: 500
  • Features: All features, including custom domain, except for the code export
  • Trial period: 14-day free trial, no credit card required

We do not bill any extras, nor ask you to pay for additional features.
Unlike other services, on Tilda, all the features are already included in the subscription: eCommerce tools, payment and data collection services, HTML code embedding, in-depth analytics, Tilda CRM, newsletter builder, and more
The trial period is a chance for you to see if Tilda fits your expectations and goals. You do not need a credit card to activate the 14-day trial period. You can always switch to a Free Plan after the trial period. Everything you create during the trial period will be saved.

Tilda Business. Create up to 5 websites and export code

  • Cost: $20 per month with an annual subscription, $25 per month with a monthly subscription
  • Number of websites: 5
  • Pages per website: 500
  • Features: All features available on the Personal Plan + code export
  • Trial period: none

Create up to 5 websites with custom domains.
One website created on Tilda Business Plan would cost you $4 per month
You can export your Tilda website elsewhere. Download the archive including its HTML markups, images, CSS, and JS files. It will be accessible even if you stop the Tilda subscription.

Are you a design studio or marketing agency? Enquire about the extended pricing plans that allow you to create 10, 15, 20, or 30 websites within a single account.
Why should I pay for Tilda when I can use a free content management service?

You can have a free website on Tilda, too. The question is, What features do you want to have access to? Should you choose a paid plan on Tilda, you get access to:

  • Entire Block Library and all the templates
  • Data capture forms
  • Payment systems
  • Third-party integrations
  • Online store tools
  • Built-in statistics
  • Online course tools
  • Website visitor counters
  • Great fonts
  • DDoS protection

If you need to add online forms, connect a service, or a payment system, you need to install additional plugins if you are using a free CMS. Plugins can be free or paid. Often, they require extra work, which only a developer can do. This involves extra costs and additional time.

If some browser or operating system releases an update that causes a conflict with the website's code, Tilda developers will fix the bug so your website will continue working as usual. At no extra cost.
On Tilda, new features are released every month


Tilda is a website builder for business websites, personal websites, landing pages, online stores, portfolios, and online courses as well as for corporate and personal blogs and special projects.

The main principle behind Tilda is that you make your website out of pre-designed blocks. This doesn't take much time and you can do it entirely on your own, there is no need to hire a professional designer.

However, each website will be unique as each of the blocks can be customized in many different ways.

Creating a unique design is easy with Zero Block, a built-it web design editor for professionals.

Tilda is integrated with third-party data capture services, payment systems, CRMs, email marketing services, etc.

Websites made on Tilda are SEO-friendly by default thanks to thanks to the consecutive positioning of blocks on the page and flexible SEO settings.

All the blocks are adaptive by default so your website will look great on any device. This not only makes your web project more attractive but also improves its search engine rankings.

If you create a website for a client, you can hand it over to them so they can manage it and update its content anytime.

Tilda's pricing policy is transparent and affordable with Free Plan, Personal Plan with all the features except for the code export, and Business Plan that gives you access to exporting code and allows you to build up to 5 websites.

If you enjoyed this overview, please share it with your friends. Thank you!
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