Digital Marketing Course

A Course from Tilda that gives you everything you need to promote your website

Digital Marketing Course

A Course from Tilda that gives you everything you need to promote your website

In the Course, you'll find the essentials for newbies to effectively promote a website. No need to spend time exploring the tricks of digital marketing anymore. We've selected and structured all the necessary information so that you can simply follow the guides and get the result.

What Will You Learn From the Course?
You'll learn how to create landing pages, work with web analytics and SEO, promote websites on social media, build content marketing, launch search advertising campaigns, send newsletters, and conduct A/B testing.
Course Benefits
Ultimate guide for beginners
Concise and easy-to-follow instructions
Low price for expert-level knowledge
Who Is This Course For?
Beginners who don't know much about digital marketing and want to learn about it
Business owners who want to promote their websites on the web by themselves but don't know yet how to do it
Busy people who don't want to invest time in searching for information they need from various online resources across the web
Why We Made This Course
We started working on this Course to help people who build websites on Tilda promote their projects and increase profits.

By answering their questions, we accumulated more and more information needed for the successful start. To create an easy-to-understand and interesting course, we revised a huge amount of information and used our experience of teaching and working with students. We combined it with analytics and added our expertise in creating landing pages.

Finally, we put together a well-structured knowledge system that comprises all areas of digital marketing. Every chapter comes with a step-by-step guide and examples of working with each recommended service or tool.
Course Contents
We've gathered all you need to know to start promoting your website in 10 detailed chapters
What Is Digital Marketing
What digital marketing consists of, strategies, tools, and trends
Target Audience And Competitors
Buyer personas, competitive analysis, creating a selling proposition, sales funnel, strategy, and goal setting
Landing Page
Designing a landing page, writing a copy that converts, creating a prototype and design, a perfect landing page formula, and tips on how to increase conversions
Selecting keywords and building a semantic core, optimizing the content structure, working with links, and practical SEO tips
Web Analytics
Basic concepts and goals, how to connect Google Analytics, a guide to Google Tag Assistant Recordings and click maps, and a checklist to setting up analytics
Social Media
Setting marketing objectives, creating ad accounts, ad campaigns, and content plans, and tips on working with social media
Content Marketing
Coming up with topics, writing a copy, creating a content plan, optimizing your articles for SEO, tips on designing a blog, and content marketing advice
Search Advertising
Selecting keywords, creating ad campaigns, calculating bids, creating Google Ads campaigns, and tips for search advertising
Types of emails, collecting subscribers database, newsletter design principles, creating a newsletter in Mailchimp and other email marketing services, and practical tips
A/B Testing
Developing strong hypotheses, choosing objects for experiments and a selection, launching a test in Google Optimize and Google Analytics, and tips for A/B testing
How The Course Works
Nikita Obukhov
Tilda Founder, co-author of the Course

The Digital Marketing Course is well-composed and beautifully designed—each chapter is an insightful long read that is easy to read. Our design team paid special attention to the typography and came up with dedicated visuals that accompany all the texts.

All chapters include examples that explain the topic in detail and help you understand the ideas easier.
Step-by-step guides help you navigate the information and suggest what's better to do next and in which order.
Throughout the Course, you'll find examples and case studies from industry experts that will help you in your job.
Meet Course Experts
Besides step-by-step guides, you'll find opinions, tips, and valuable advice from digital marketing experts
What You'll Get From the Course
On completing the Course, you will get a deep understanding of digital marketing and be able to promote websites by yourself
Create landing pages

Set up web analytics

Set up SEO

Promote on social media

Use content marketing

Launch search advertising campaigns
Create marketing newsletters

Conduct A/B testing

If you want to hire specialists, you'll be able to effectively set the task and evaluate results.

You'll also learn what all the following terms are: Conversion, offer, CTA, retargeting, ROI,.. and will use them in your work.
You'll get knowledge and skills
You'll increase profit for your business
You'll save time
How Much Does It Cost?
You get the Course for free if you buy a Tilda annual subscription. This way, you'll have both: New skills and the tool to apply them right away.

We want to spread knowledge and help people promote their projects online, so we added the Course as a bonus to the annual Tilda subscription. You don't need to pay for the Course itself. To get an idea of the Course, you can read some parts without signing up.

Do You Really Need This Course?
Yes, if you:

Are struggling to build a landing page

Want to use web analytics but don't know how to approach it
Plan to use SEO but don't understand where to start
Are thinking of launching a search advertising campaign, but are afraid to blow the budget
Want to create a newsletter that brings results from the start
Wish to increase your website conversion rate but can't think of how to do it
No need to spend time watching webinars and attending online classes. You can read this Course anytime and anywhere.
This Course is not a one-time reading. It contains lots of useful tips and guides that you'll go back to and use again and again.
Start the course today to increase the profit from your website tomorrow