Tilda: Reviews, Success Stories, And Client Cases

In a series of interviews, entrepreneurs and designers share their stories on how Tilda website builder helps solve business problems.
Marcus Triest
Texas-based UI/UX designer
When I'm not building for inKind, I'm often building websites and apps for myself and others. I'm passionate about that intersection between design and product, and I find just a lot of fulfillment in releasing a product into the wild and seeing how users engage and interact with it.
Marcus Triest, Head of Product at InKind
Industry: UI/UX Design
Location: Austin, Texas
Angela Hollowell
Visual storyteller
I wanted to have dedicated space on the web for both my business and my personal brand as I am more than my business, I am more than what I do every day. Having my websites on Tilda really took my brand and its recognition to another level.
Angela Hollowell, Founder, Visual Storyteller
Industry: Video Production
Location: USA
Frank PR
London-based PR agency
As an agency that prides itself on standing out from the crowd, we wanted so much to happen on the website—animation, scrolling, and scrolling behaviors—and all of that was just unachievable with some other platforms. And Tilda really helped us to deliver that.
Lee Sanders, Creative Lead at Frank
Industry: PR
Location: London, UK
Valeria Francis
Freelance web designer
I needed a solution to develop websites for clients and Tilda was a life‑changing experience for me because I can now explore my creativity, do things much more freely, test my limits, my design, and what I want to do for my clients.
Valeria Francis, Freelance Web Designer
Industry: Web Design
Location: Greece
Frank Adebiaye
Work designer and founder of Velvetyne Type Foundry
What I like about Tilda is that it is both a builder and a guide to building appealing web pages. When you develop a web page using code, you tend to stay in your own mind. Creating a page out of Tilda blocks challenges you to think about your value and your offer.
Frank Adebiaye, work designer and founder of Velvetyne Type Foundry
Industry: Type design
Location: France
Simon Wijers
Freelance web designer
Tilda is much easier than other website builders. And you can do pretty much everything with Zero Block. Animation and responsiveness as well as new features for creating gradients and blurry backgrounds are impressive, you never have to go into the code again!
Simon Wijers, Web Designer at SW designs
Industry: Design & Branding
Location: Mexico
Fe/male Switch
A "play to learn" game for female entrepreneurs
Creating a landing page on Tilda allowed us to save a pretty decent amount of money because we didn't have to hire designers. And from a business point of view, Tilda is a very complete system: It's user-friendly, accessible, affordable, and very efficient.
Stella Friaisse, Partnership Developer at Fe/male Switch
Industry: Education
Location: Malta
Robby Fowler
Marketing and brand strategist, helps building life-giving brands
Why I love Tilda? Not only is it easy for me to create and build, and it gives me quite a bit of power, but it really is nice when I turn it over to the client and I feel good that they’re going to be able to use it and grow and develop with it.
Robby Fowler, Branding and Marketing Strategist, robbyf.com & The Brand ED Podcast
Industry: Marketing
Location: USA
Venture Studio, Accelerator & Fund
When it comes to a marketing website or landing page, our design team makes use of Tilda. It's super handy because we can create and test our ideas in mere hours, we feel free in creativity, 'cause it's possible to implement everything that we want without any limits.
Victorya Antonovich, Design Lead at Paralect
Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Location: USA
We interview our users to understand why people choose Tilda and how it helps solve business problems. Millions of entrepreneurs and designers around the world create websites on Tilda. Large companies, major festivals, and popular online publications join us. Every day they come up with new scenarios for using our platform. A detailed acquaintance with interesting cases helps to understand in what other direction the product can be developed.

Tilda allows designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else to create websites by themselves without coding.

The platform is easy to learn from the start, and within an hour of using it, you can create impressive websites from pre-designed blocks.

Companies are increasingly ordering websites on Tilda from design studios and freelancers. Such projects are easy to manage as changes can be made in seconds without assistance. Speed is important to business, and this is the advantage a website on Tilda provides to entrepreneurs. Read more reviews by our clients here.

We regularly publish selected web designs #madeontilda. New projects, visual solutions, and use cases inspire us and at the same time make it harder to choose websites for the gallery. See the best projects created by our users.

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