Our clients are changing the world, making inspiring projects and, of course, websites on Tilda. Here is the story of Fe/Male Switch, a startup that helps women grow their inner entrepreneurs.


Fe/Male Switch
In Europe, only 15% of all entrepreneurs are women. Fe/male Switch aims to reverse this trend. It is an educational role-playing game designed to skill up future female tech leaders and empower them to create innovative tech startups. We spoke to Fe/Male Switch Partnership Developer Stella Friaisse.
— Hey Stella, can you briefly introduce Fe/Male Switch?
—Fe/Male Switch is an educational role-playing game to skill up future female tech leaders and empower them to create innovative and resilient tech startups. It's not only about the theory. We have a very practical approach and we do that through gamification.

Our goal is to help women create startups that will be investor-ready—when they come out of the game, they already have a business plan.

It's a very innovative and fun solution that tackles a very important issue. Nowadays, most of us have heard of the importance of having female entrepreneurs for economic growth, but still, when looking at the stats—in Europe, only 15% of all entrepreneurs are women—we can all agree that the situation doesn't make sense.
— Can you explain how this educational game actually works?
— You subscribe and then you can start the game. You can pick either to be a startup or an investor, and you will have quests to complete. You will learn how to use a bunch of digital tools—like Tilda to create a website for your startup—and actually use them in the game in order to get tokens and to grow your startup.

You have to pass a lot of challenges. For example, you need to sign a shareholders agreement. If you have never heard of it before, you need to book an appointment with the lawyer, right? The thing is, you need to pay the lawyer. So in order to get the money, you need to complete some quests to sell the skills you have.

Then you can go on the marketplace and say, okay, I can give time management courses. Maybe other gamepreneurs will be interested in those courses and buy them from you. So just like in real life, you need to be able to find a way to survive as a startup.
Our goal is to help women create startups that will be investor-ready—when they come out of the game, they already have a business plan.
I was one of the first Fe/Male Switch participants, and it was quite an experience! I discovered some abilities I had no idea about. And I also discovered that digital tools were not that scary. Before, I didn't know how to automate processes. And then I had to learn Integromat for the quest and it was like discovering a whole new world, I couldn't imagine it was that easy and accessible. I guess it's kind of addictive at some point.
Stella Friaisse is from France. After taking part in the Fe/Male switch pilot and becoming a gamepreneur, she joined the team as a partnership developer and moved to malta
— What are the key purposes of the Fe/Male Switch website?
Initially, we needed the website to attract users, to inform them about our solution and the key aspect of the platform. Our goal was to make an engaging and vibrant website that would capture the attention of potential investors, users, and partners instantly. It had to also illustrate our goals and the whole idea behind Fe/Male Switch in a very exciting way.

While we did our research, we found several tools. They were all very good but with Tilda was love at first sight. What we love about Tilda is that it's a very complete tool but you can see how much has been made to make it accessible and user-friendly in such a way that anyone without a technical background can use it. I created my own website with Tilda and was very surprised by how easy it was.
And another thing that was very important for us was that it was easy to connect all kinds of external services and payment systems. Also, the website is easily optimized for SEO. Since May 2021, we've been witnessing constant traffic growth.

Creating a landing page on Tilda allowed us to save a pretty decent amount of money because we didn't have to hire any designer from outside. And from a business point of view, Tilda is a very complete system. It's user-friendly, accessible, affordable, and very efficient.
We can say that creating a landing page on Tilda allowed us to save a pretty decent amount of money because we didn't have to hire any designer from outside.
— Why did you choose the gamification model rather than the online course format?
— Humor and emotional language is something that we need in the entrepreneurial community because businesses and progress of learning and up-skilling are not boring contrary to general opinion.

I think the word that describes our values best is diversity because we are a remote working gender-balanced team, representing five different nationalities and very diverse backgrounds. Our headquarters are located in the Netherlands and part of the team, including myself, lives and works in Malta. I think diversity inspires innovation!
— Who can join the program and when does the next one start?
— Our next pilots will be taking place in March 2022. Obviously, since it's 100% online, everyone from all over the world can join.

It's an innovative project that is never going to stop innovating itself, which is why I love Fe/Male switch so much. And I think you will too!
Just like in real life, in Fe/Male Switch you need to be able to find a way to survive as a startup.
Get to know Fe/Male Switch and see how you can join their next program: https://www.femaleswitch.com
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